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Tolga Katas is a Turkish-born entrepreneur who began his career as a singer and songwriter, then left the spotlight to become a behind-the-scenes independent record producer and promoter. Katas produced and promoted several multi-platinum artists through his record labels Futura and Summit Entertainment, and contributed significantly to the sales of over 50 million records. Katas produced and developed artists for Atlantic Records and RCA, including the 90’s boy band sensation Linear, Stevie B, MTS, and others. He garnered numerous chart successes and awards, including winning BMI Song of the Year Award for Sending All My Love, and being nominated for the Songwriters Hall of Fame.

Tolga Katas is considered one of the founding fathers of Freestyle music having created a sound of his own which many tried to copy. Katas is credited with being one of the first pioneering producers to create a hit song entirely on the computer using digital music production technology. The onset of MTV soon led Katas into the world of video production, television and network development. He began producing music videos, commercials, and other shows, and learned every aspect of production from lighting to editing to color correction to 3-D motion graphics to visual effects. He handled production for the Caribbean Satellite Network which was later bought by BET. In his short time there he gained experience in the multi-faceted aspects of running the technical and creative sides of a television network.  In addition to countless music clients, Tolga’s production clients and credits include BET, Warner Brothers, Cedric the Entertainer, Journeys in Black, The Visual Effects Society Awards, Nicole Lenz, S Networks, AAA, KPAL TV, The Gingerbread House, and more.

He was the founder of Longerliving.com and Dayinvestor.com, a day trading financial web site which attracted 15 million unique visitors per month, before the days of Google. In 1997, Katas developed Ultimate Craps, the world’s first online craps software; in 2000, he invented iMixalot one of the first media players that could easily convert sound designer files using QuickTime technology; and he also developed an image management software called eMaculate. In 2001, he invented a HD streaming video process, eight years before YouTube, owned by Google, offered HD.

Katas continued producing videos and special effects throughout the years, including producing cutting-edge video content for DVD distribution, IPTV, iPods, mobile devices and Internet streaming.  In 2007, Tolga Katas founded en2go International, Inc. together with legendary record mogul Paul Fishkin (Stevie Nicks, Twisted Sister, Todd Rundgren, Natalie Cole) and digital strategist Christine Marie, to develop new concepts and unique software applications primarily for the entertainment industry. At en2go, Katas assembled a brain trust that included the world-renowned co-founder of Apple, Steve Wozniak, and NARM Presidential award winner Ted Cohen on his board of directors; the legendary software developer and reformed hacker, John Draper, who was his CTO; and others. Aside from being a digital visionary, Katas is a self-taught software architect who programs in over a dozen languages. In 2009, Flyxo, the global Internet broadcasting platform that he created for film and music distribution, was premiered at Cannes Film Festival.

In 2011, in between entrepreneurial projects and technology innovations, Tolga Katas took up artistic fashion photography, quickly rising to the top of that field too. His work has been featured on ABC’s 20/20, magazine covers, billboards, album covers, magazine ads, fashion editorials and more. Most recently, he has been developing a 3D video game, has done programming and user interface design for AstoundSound’s revolutionary AstoundMusic Player, a game-changing 3D audio streaming software and mobile app.

He continues producing high technology, music, fashion photography and videos.