What People Say

As the owner of a skin care line that requires perfect pictures and brilliant magazine ads, I feel qualified to state that the work of Tolga Katas is jaw-dropping, if not legendary! I have never received the kind of reaction to a photo that I do with the photos taken by Tolga.  The creativity and dedication of Tolga and his magical team are absolutely unparalleled. ~ Stephanie Hill, CEO Stephanie Hill Skin Care



“I love being photographed by Tolga Katas. He creates an amazing space to make magic. His photos of me have changed the way I look at myself in the most incredible way.” ~ Gigi Rowe, Award-winning singer/songwriter



Working with Tolga has been a one of a kind experience EVERY time! The amazing and positive environment just pulls the creativity out of you! Tolga, Christine, Ron, and the rest of the crew make you feel at home instantly and Tolga is never afraid to try new ideas! I’m so blessed to have met such an amazing team! My favorite that we have done together so far. ~Dottie Vee, Hair Stylist, Heads Will Roll



I first noticed Tolga’s work when a stunning black and white photo of another model popped up on my Facebook feed. While everyone was busy leaving the standard “You look beautiful” “Wow you’re amazing” comments all I could think of was “Who is this photographer, I need to wok with him!”. I contacted Tolga and he invited me to his birthday party. I was a bit taken aback by his generosity as he had no idea who I was, little did I know how how far reaching Tolga’s generosity would go.

The first time I shot with Tolga was a collaborative effort, we jumped into a full on high fashion setting and ended up shooting until 5am! I will forever be amazed by Tolga’s commitment to art and drive to follow his passions and inspirations. All I’ve ever wanted to do was create beautiful works of art and share them with the world, and knowing Tolga has taught me that it is not only possible but a valuable thing to do for society.

I am very happy to have met and worked with Tolga, and I’m excited about future collaborations with him at his studio! ~ Sophia Casanova



Working with to Tolga was a very comfortable and thrilling experience. I loved working with Tolga nd all the crew! Tolga let people really use there own personal talents which make the pictures a lot fun and comfortable for me! He is definitely one of my favorite photographers I have ever worked with! I can’t wait to work with him and his talented crew again!  ~ Jennie Carroll, Model



From the wonderful vicinity Tolga and his crew provide, the talent they all have – what is the best and most exciting part of working each time with them is the family atmosphere. I could’ve chosen all the photos he takes.  My favorites are the behind-the-scenes photos because it shows how the crew is all smiles, a welcoming family feeling. ~ Got Hair Deanna



Having quality and feeling at the same time is not easy. Tolga Katas is not just a great photographer that brings professional polished work. He is also a real artist. Like when I wrote a song he writes his pictures. He makes his dreams a reality. ~ Laura Bustillos, Singer/Songwriter, LA Velvet, LV2



Working with Tolga and company is always a great experience! The talented crew and environment is always inspiring and leaves myself wanting to create more garments to create more magic with! The magic created with him blows me away every time!!  ~Elle Heavin



I’ve had the opportunity to work with Tolga and Christine Katas on a number of our special events. They work magic in front of and behind the camera, and are at the forefront of their field. They exhibit the highest degree of professionalism while accommodating the client at every turn.
Rick Nelson,
Social Media & Events Director, Land Rover Las Vegas
The very first time i stepped into the world of Tolga Katas, I knew I was in the right place.  The place where true professionals collaborate with the best of the BEST!  Tolga and his incredible team are simply so easy to work with and makes you feel at home, more like they include you as part of their family circle.  Tolga and his beautiful wife Christine, is so much fun to work with! They always  make me feel welcome and opened a lot of opportunities for me.  I am so thankful  for everything they’ve done for me and for my career.  Tolga’s right hand rock man Ronnie Orr is super  just amazing! He is so talented with creting beautiful background sets and perfect lighting to capture a captivation photo.  I am very fortunate to work with the best of the best in this industry!    Positive, Professional, Creative, Respect, and Hospitality!  ~Simply Feralene